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2007 - 2014

«Californication» – episodes release dates

Season 7
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
7x10Dinner with Friends15.06.2014
7x09Faith, Hope, Love8.06.2014
7x0830 Minutes or Less1.06.2014
7x05Getting the Poison Out11.05.2014
7x03Like Father Like Son27.04.2014
Season 6
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
6x12I’ll Lay My Monsters Down07.04.2013
6x11The Abby31.03.2013
6x10Blind Faith24.03.2013
6x09Mad Dogs and Englishmen17.03.2013
6x08Everybody’s a Fucking Critic10.03.2013
6x07The Dope Show03.03.2013
6x06In the Clouds24.02.2013
6x05Rock and a Hard Place17.02.2013
6x04Hell Bent for Leather10.02.2013
6x03Dead Rock Stars27.01.2013
6x01The Unforgiven13.01.2013
Season 5
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
5x12Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be01.04.2012
5x11The Party25.03.2012
5x10Perverts & Whores18.03.2012
5x09At the Movies11.03.2012
5x07Here I Go Again19.02.2012
5x06Love Song12.02.2012
5x05The Ride Along05.02.2012
5x04Waiting for the Miracle29.01.2012
5x03Boys & Girls22.01.2012
5x02The Way of the Fist15.01.2012
5x01JFK to LAX08.01.2012
Season 4
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
4x12…And Justice for ALL27.03.2011
4x11The Last Supper20.03.2011
4x10The trial13.03.2011
4x09Another Perfect Day06.03.2011
4x08Lights. Camera. Asshole.27.02.2011
4x07The Recused20.02.2011
4x06Lawyers, Guns and Money13.02.2011
4x05Freeze Frame06.02.2011
4x04Monkey Business30.01.2011
4x03Home Sweet Home23.01.2011
4x02Suicide Solution16.01.2011
4x01Exile On Main St.09.01.2011
Season 3
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
3x12Mia Culpa13.12.2009
3x11Comings & Goings06.12.2009
3x09Mr. Bad Example22.11.2009
3x08The Apartment15.11.2009
3x07So Here's the Thing...08.11.2009
3x06Glass Houses01.11.2009
3x05Slow Happy Boys25.10.2009
3x03Verities & Balderdash11.10.2009
3x02The Land of Rape and Honey04.10.2009
3x01Wish You Were Here27.09.2009
Season 2
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
2x12La Petite Mort14.12.2008
2x11Blues from Laurel Canyon07.12.2008
2x10In Utero30.11.2008
2x09La Ronde30.11.2008
2x08Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills16.11.2008
2x07In a Lonely Place09.11.2008
2x06Coke Dick & First Kick02.11.2008
2x04The Raw & the Cooked12.10.2008
2x03No Way to Treat a Lady12.10.2008
2x02The Great Ashby05.10.2008
2x01"Slip of the Tongue"28.09.2008
Season 1
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
1x12The Last Waltz29.10.2007
1x11Turn the Page22.10.2007
1x10The Devil's Threesome15.10.2007
1x09Filthy Lucre08.10.2007
1x08California Son01.10.2007
1x07Girls, Interrupted24.09.2007
1x06Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder17.09.2007
1x04Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser03.09.2007
1x03The Whore of Babylon27.08.2007
1x02HellA Woman20.08.2007