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Everybody Hates Chris

2005 - 2009

«Everybody Hates Chris» – episodes release dates

Season 4
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
4x22Everybody Hates the G.E.D.08.05.2009
4x21Everybody Hates Bomb Threats01.05.2009
4x20Everybody Hates Tasha24.04.2009
4x19Everybody Hates Back Talk03.04.2009
4x18Everybody Hates the Car27.03.2009
4x17Everybody Hates Spring Break20.03.2009
4x16Everybody Hates Lasagna13.03.2009
4x15Everybody Hates Boxing06.02.2009
4x14Everybody Hates PSATs30.01.2009
4x13Everybody Hates Fake IDs23.01.2009
4x12Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets16.01.2009
4x11Everybody Hates Mr. Levine09.01.2009
4x10Everybody Hates New Year's Eve12.12.2008
4x09Everybody Hates James28.11.2008
4x08Everybody Hates Big Bird21.11.2008
4x07Everybody Hates Snitches14.11.2008
4x06Everybody Hates Doc's07.11.2008
4x05Everybody Hates My Man31.10.2008
4x04Everybody Hates the English Teacher24.10.2008
4x03Everybody Hates Homecoming17.10.2008
4x02Everybody Hates Cake10.10.2008
4x01Everybody Hates Tattaglia03.10.2008
Season 3
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
3x22Everybody Hates Graduation18.05.2008
3x21Everybody Hates Mother's Day11.05.2008
3x20Everybody Hates the NinthGrade Dance04.05.2008
3x19Everybody Hates Being Cool27.04.2008
3x18Everybody Hates Earth Day20.04.2008
3x17Everybody Hates ExCons13.04.2008
3x16Everybody Hates the BFD06.04.2008
3x15Everybody Hates Gretzky30.03.2008
3x14Everybody Hates Easter23.03.2008
3x13Everybody Hates the First Kiss16.03.2008
3x12Everybody Hates Bad Boys09.03.2008
3x11Everybody Hates the Port Authority02.03.2008
3x10Everybody Hates Kwanzaa10.12.2007
3x09Everybody Hates the New Kid26.11.2007
3x08Everybody Hates Minimum Wage19.11.2007
3x07Everybody Hates Houseguests12.11.2007
3x06Everybody Hates BedStuy05.11.2007
3x05Everybody Hates the Bachelor Pad29.10.2007
3x04Everybody Hates Blackie22.10.2007
3x03Everybody Hates Driving15.10.2007
3x02Everybody Hates Caruso08.10.2007
3x01Everybody Hates the Guidance Counselor01.10.2007
Season 2
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
2x22Everybody Hates the Last Day14.05.2007
2x21Everybody Hates Math07.05.2007
2x20Everybody Hates Dirty Jokes30.04.2007
2x19Everybody Hates Gambling23.07.2007
2x18Everybody Hates Baseball27.03.2007
2x17Everybody Hates DJs19.03.2007
2x16Everybody Hates Chain Snatching26.02.2007
2x15Everybody Hates Cutting School19.02.2007
2x14Everybody Hates the Substitute14.02.2007
2x13Everybo Hates Snow Day5.02.2007
2x12Everybody Hates Hall Monitors29.01.2007
2x11Everybody Hates Eggs22.01.2007
2x10Everybody Hates Kris11.12.2006
2x09Everybody Hates Superstition27.11.2006
2x08Everybody Hates Thanksgiving20.11.2006
2x07Everybody Hates Promises13.11.2006
2x06Everybody Hates the Buddy System6.11.2006
2x05Everybody Hates Malvo30.10.2006
2x04Everybody Hates a Liar23.10.2006
2x03Everybody Hates Elections16.10.2006
2x02Everybody Hates the Class President8.10.2006
2x01Everybody Hates Rejection1.10.2006
Season 1
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
1x22Everybody Hates Father's Day22.05.2006
1x21Everybody Hates Jail4.05.2006
1x20Everybody Hates Playboy27.04.2006
1x19Everybody Hates Drew20.04.2006
1x18Everybody Hates Corleone16.04.2006
1x17Everybody Hates Funerals23.03.2006
1x16Everybody Hates the Gout2.03.2006
1x15Everybody Hates the Lottery16.02.2006
1x14Everybody Hates Valentine's Day9.02.2006
1x13Everybody Hates Picture Day2.02.2006
1x12Everybody Hates a Part Time Job6.01.2006
1x11Everybody Hates Christmas15.12.2005
1x10Everybody Hates Greg25.11.2005
1x09Everybody Hates Food Stamps17.11.2005
1x08Everybody Hates the Laundromat10.11.2005
1x07Everybody Hates the Babysitter3.11.2005
1x06Everybody Hates Halloween27.10.2005
1x05Everybody Hates Fat Mike25.10.2005
1x04Everybody Hates Sausage13.10.2005
1x03Everybody Hates Basketball6.10.2005
1x02Everybody Hates Keisha29.09.2005
1x01Everybody Hates the Pilot22.09.2005