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«Narcos» – episodes release dates

Season 2
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
2x10Al Fin Cayó!02.09.2016
2x09Nuestra Finca02.09.2016
2x08Exit El Patrón02.09.2016
2x077 -Deutschland 9302.09.2016
2x06Los Pepes02.09.2016
2x05The Enemies of My Enemy02.09.2016
2x04The Good, The Bad, and The Dead02.09.2016
2x03Our Man in Madrid02.09.2016
2x01Free at Last02.09.2016
Season 1
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
1x09La Catedral28.08.2015
1x08La Gran Mentira28.08.2015
1x07You Will Cry Tears of Blood28.08.2015
1x05There Will Be a Future28.08.2015
1x04The Palace in Flames28.08.2015
1x03The Men of Always28.08.2015
1x02The Sword of Simón Bolívar28.08.2015