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Sword Art Online

2012 - 2014

«Sword Art Online» – episodes release dates

Season 2
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
2x24Mother`s Rosario20.12.2014
2x23Beginning of a Dream13.12.2014
2x22Journey`s End06.12.2014
2x21Swordman`s Memorial29.11.2014
2x20Sleeping Knights22.11.2014
2x18Forest House08.11.2014
2x16The King of the Giants25.10.2014
2x15The Queen of the Lake18.10.2014
2x14One Little Step4.10.2014
2x13Phantom Bullet27.09.2014
2x12Bullet of a Phantom20.09.2014
2x11What It Means To Be Strong13.09.2014
2x10Death Chaser06.09.2014
2x09Death Gun30.08.2014
2x08Bullet of Bullets23.08.2014
2x07Crimson Memories16.08.2014
2x06Showdown in the Wilderness09.08.2014
2x05Guns and Swords02.08.2014
2x04GGO (Gun Gale Online)26.07.2014
2x03Memories of Fresh Blood19.07.2014
2x02Cold-Hearted Sniper12.07.2014
2x01The World of Guns05.07.2014
Season 1
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
1x25The World Seed23.12.2012
1x24Gilded Hero16.12.2012
1x22Grand Quest02.12.2012
1x21The Truth of Alfheim25.11.2012
1x20General of the Blazing Flame18.11.2012
1x19The Lugru Corridor11.11.2012
1x18To the World Tree04.11.2012
1x17Captive Queen28.10.2012
1x16Land of the Fairies21.10.2012
1x14The End of the World07.10.2012
1x13Edge of Hell`s Abyss30.09.2012
1x12Yui`s Heart23.09.2012
1x11The Girl of the Morning Dew16.09.2012
1x10Crimson Killing Intent09.09.2012
1x09The Blue-Eyed Demon02.09.2012
1x08The Sword Dance of White and Black26.08.2012
1x07Warmth of the Heart19.08.2012
1x06Illusionary Avenger12.08.2012
1x05A Crime Within the Walls05.08.2012
1x04The Black Swordsman29.07.2012
1x03The Red-Nosed Reindeer22.07.2012
1x01The World of Swords08.07.2012