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The Strain

2014 - ...

«The Strain» – episodes release dates

Season 2
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
2x13The Night Train04.10.2015
2x12Fallen Light27.09.2015
2x11Dead End20.09.2015
2x10The Assassin13.09.2015
2x09Battle for Red Hook06.09.2015
2x07The Born23.08.2015
2x05Quick and Painless09.08.2015
2x04The Silver Angel02.08.2015
2x03Fort Defiance26.07.2015
2x02By Any Means19.07.2015
2x01BK, NY12.07.2015
Season 1
Episode numberEpisode TitleEpisode ReleasedWatch Online
1x13The Master05.10.2014
1x12Last Rites28.09.2014
1x11The Third Rail21.09.2014
1x10Loved Ones14.09.2014
1x09The Disappeared07.09.2014
1x08Creatures of the Night31.08.2014
1x07For Services Rendered24.08.2014
1x04It's Not for Everyone03.08.2014
1x03Gone Smooth27.07.2014
1x02The Box20.07.2014
1x01Night Zero13.07.2014