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Adventure Time

2010 - ...
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Adventure Time

2010 - ...
animation, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, adventure
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons6
Number of episodes99
Episode duration~ 22 min

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The series tells the story of the lives of two restless friends - the fellow Finn and his faithful friend Jake. A boy and his dog just can not sit still and keep calm life, they are constantly pulling on an adventure and exploits. They help to his kingdom, ignoring something of a fearless knight in the service of Princess cud perform its important royal commission following the tranquility and safety of the castle.
The kingdom in which they live magical and amazing friends. They inhabit a completely different person, from gingerbread man and ending with all kinds of non-existent land princesses. Princess often getting into trouble history or get into trouble, then Finn and Jake to the rescue, saving the situation. It helps them not only in the deeds of skill and courage, but also some magical skill. If Finn is quite simple - he wields a magic sword and able to repel any attack detractors. Dog Jake highly flexible and because of this he can take various forms, increase or decrease in size. as very often to Finn and Jake join their friends, acquaintances, which turned to the place in various adventures.

"Adventure Time" good and unusually beautiful cartoon, which tells the audience about the funny adventures of two friends. Animated series brings everyone into a magical kingdom with all its villains, magical laws, large and small princesses, unusual living beings and, of course, magic.

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