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Adventure Time

2010 - ...
animation, science fiction, fantasy, comedy, adventure
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons6
Number of episodes99
Episode duration~ 22 min

«Adventure Time» – Season 6 Episode 21 watch online

Episode Title: «On the Lam. Hot Diggity Doom.»
Episode Released: 04.06.2015
Season number: 6
Episode number: 21
Episode Description:
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While in captivity, Martin came up with a plan to get out of there and to steal all their valuables. But not this time, in his plan, intervenes little, the leader of the rebels, who, as it turns out, quite not small. After years of waiting for King Boo, finally began, as it were, unofficial elections. Princess Bubblegum sits in his tower and watching the approaching comet. She did not care for these elections because she thinks her people would choose her. But later, on the vote, quite the opposite occurs. Gum, in bursts of rage that her people didn't pick her, leaving the Kingdom in the old cabin, along with Peppermint Butler. There they re-build it, like "Build the Kingdom anew, from scratch," said Bubblegum. Meanwhile, Finn and Jake walking down the street I notice that all around purple, as the comet is the catalyst is very close. Kingdom to run, scream, they panic because of the comet. Finn and Jake intend to go to the King Boo, now it's the formal power to face to warn him of the danger. But before reaching it, they heard some knocking. They descended to the secret chamber of Gum, and saw how Gunther won Ogalala, makes some kind of rocket. The same time, Princess bubble Gum came out for some fresh air after painting and saw that her Kingdom is the smoke.
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