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2012 - 2015
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
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2012 - 2015
cartoon, comedy
IMDb rating: 7 / 10
Number of seasons3
Number of episodes36
Episode duration~ 22 min

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Lazy bums foresters constantly find themselves in absurd and funny situations. A series of fun events happening in an imaginary park called Brickleberry. There's funny and original characters spend most of his time, which occur between various situations of pretty funny emotions.
Park Brickleberry very huge and keeps a lot of funny animals. Workers-dolt use all their energies to the development and improvement of the national park. Nevertheless, he is on the verge of closing, and their efforts did not bear fruit. Animals are dying and visiting tourists has decreased significantly. The authorities state occurs to cover the useless Reserve.

To help to restore the Park's reputation directed assistant from another national park. Newcomer in the feminine gender is very smart and hard-working, his goal is the transformation of the dying of the reserve to make the famous and very interesting for a large number of visitors institution. Brickleberry workers have different attitudes to sexual and attractive girl who saved the park from a deplorable state. Someone loved and respected her, and who is against its existence in the park, seeing it as an enemy and a strong competitor, superior in appearance and charm. Can the Rangers stay on accustomed to their jobs and how to continue to bloom and attendance Park brickleberry tourists, will be known in the course of action.

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