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2012 - 2014
Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
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2012 - 2014
drama, comedy
IMDb rating: 8.1 / 10
Number of seasons3
Number of episodes24
CountryUSA, Norway
Episode duration~ 45 min

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The attention of the viewer is given a regular sitcom "Lillehammer" with openly criminal tinge, jointly produced by filmmakers from Norway and the USA. The protagonist of the story serves typical New York mobster working for the Italian group named Frank Talia. As an executive and a very charismatic, Talya is aiming for the leading position in its structure, however, due to outvote other mobsters, deprived of such an opportunity. In revenge, he takes a police mafia boss, and left the country, taking advantage of the federal witness protection program. Frank finds a new place of residence, rather than just an old dream.
Now he is a resident of a snowy Norway, bears the name of Johnny Hendrickson, and lives in the beautiful ski town, the names of Lillehammer. At one time the city hosted the Olympics than Frank remembered, and contributed to the choice of housing location. The town is a leisurely, nothing outstanding quiet life. Introduced in this snowy idyll American of Italian origin Talya little satisfied with this state of affairs brings boredom and melancholy. Talya-Hendrickson begins to bring color to the measured life of Norwegians, thanks to its hot Italian temperament and experience gangster. The current modest and quiet life of the town takes on a new direction.

Life and the status of the newly created Norwegian Hendrickson quickly begins to climb up the hill, he deftly manipulates people, persistently seeking to set themselves goals.

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