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2011 - ...
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2011 - ...
drama, comedy
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons5
Number of episodes76
Episode duration~ 43 min

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In 2011 came the first season of the show «Suits» with a classic plot, subtle humor and dynamic development. Unite two talented, but completely different in character and status of young people Harvey Specter and Mike Ross.
Harvey is one of the key persons of the company, "Pearson spectrum", he is the best in their profession, the salary allows live tastefully. Specter put on experience, knowledge, intelligence, but it is complemented by a difficult temperament - he believes in himself, is able to select the expression, and to fill it with sarcasm. Cynical humor - a synonym for star-lawyer.

What do you need such a person? The assistant, who can meet the originality Harvey. All the graduates do not have the personal qualities, charisma. Candidates may not impress and casting continues. Mike Ross big luck to use their chance. This hero has neither wealth nor education completed, it is considered a fraud and the police are constantly sitting tail Man. Behind the mask of the loser hidden unique abilities and passion for the legal profession. In addition, a photographic memory, intelligence, developed intuition distinguish it from the majority. But as the two from different universes might encounter?

Chance or luck. Mike persecuted and he finds refuge - hotel, which is just to be Harvey. A clever deception and Mike turns to a lawyer, just graduated from Harvard. At this sudden interview Specter watching a young man sees his huge potential flavor that distinguishes it from the gray mass. So begins this fruitful, exciting cooperation.

Manhattan transformed into an arena for the two lawyers willing to take up the case with pitfalls, mysteries, riddles, requiring their skills. Not everything will be smooth, the tandem will have to stand up against many difficulties intruders. In season 4 the firm will try to discredit Harvey, his perseverance in the search for answers, the manifestation of brashness and determination many people do not like. Especially do not like federal prosecutors, who decided in whatever was to find dirt on the enemy. What role will play Mike in this battle? Despite the pressures and attempts to use his person, in order to get to Harvey, Mike skillfully resort to ploys and trying to help a friend. Adventures are just beginning...

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