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USA Network
2011 - ...
drama, comedy
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons5
Number of episodes76
Episode duration~ 43 min

«Suits» – Season 3 Episode 5 watch online

Episode Title: «Shadow of a Doubt»
Episode Released: 13.08.2013
Season number: 3
Episode number: 5
Episode Description:
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Steven convinces Harvey that despite the fact that ava lost her company, winning in the court by the prosecution ava's murder is already sufficient to be able to dethrone Jessica. Cameron refuses to dismiss charges and refer the case to the court. Harvey and Stephen threatened to Tony Gianopolous to overwhelm him with lawsuits if he did not admit that Cameron was in cahoots with him, wanting to take ava to the post of President of the company. Gianopolous isn't scared, and Steven behind Harvey threatens daughter of Gianopulos. He gets angry and begins purposely dumping shares "Chessington oil, thereby reducing the value of the company. Harvey and Jessica's plan to restore the ava in the position of President of the company, in exchange for recognition Gianopolous that Cameron gave him the material, deliberately exposing Eva. Despite the new evidence, Cameron refuses to recall the court, even knowing that the chances of winning are small.
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