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USA Network
2011 - ...
drama, comedy
IMDb rating: 8.7 / 10
Number of seasons5
Number of episodes76
Episode duration~ 43 min

«Suits» – Season 3 Episode 8 watch online

Episode Title: «Endgame»
Episode Released: 03.09.2013
Season number: 3
Episode number: 8
Episode Description:
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Jessica and Harvey misleading Darby the fact that Stephen ordered the murders. Darby admits he knew about it but did nothing, fearing that it will hurt ava. Darby is forced to fire Stephen, but his willingness to testify honestly still does not prove directly the guilt of Stephen. Harvey calls Stephen to answer, but Cameron refuses to believe his guilt and ava's chances of acquittal are small. Harvey, knowing Cameron's passion not only for justice but to win, asks Mike to find Clifford (a man previously convicted innocent Cameron for the murder). Darby tells Jessica to temper the anger, and she continues to work with Harvey on the problem of ava. Darby agrees to 5 years probation, and testify against Stephen. Cameron unleashes all the responsibility on Eva, Donna was present during the arrest of Steve. The last time Darby learns that part of his punishment - loss of license of a lawyer. He allows Jessica to disband the merger. Luis again takes precedence over the assistants. He goes to the office of Harold and resents his testimony on pseudo-court.
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