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Sword Art Online

2012 - 2014
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Season 2
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Sword Art Online

2012 - 2014
sci-fi, adventure, romance
IMDb rating: 8 / 10
Number of seasons2
Number of episodes49
Episode duration~ 25 min

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At the dawn of a new era of virtual reality beyond all the long-awaited role-playing game Sword Art Online. Millions of gamers are crammed into the stores, hoping to have time to buy the game disc, because only the first 10 thousand will be able to play it.
In order to go there - you need to put neurohelmet, after which there is a total immersion with the transmission of impulses in the brain. But after a short start of the game it was found that its creator - a calculating genius neuroscientist, and the players it is experimental in the experiment.

Death in the game is equal to the death in life, the same thing will happen if you just remove the helmet from the head of the connected player. The game will end only if someone will take it. The Master Sword Online gets Kirito, who participated in the beta testing of the game, and knowledgeable of the levels at the start. A great gamer and simple guy. He becomes a drifter, because he needs to save Asuna, a beautiful girl, in which the protagonist falls in love.

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