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The Bridge

2011 - ...
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Season 2
Season 3
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The Bridge

2011 - ...
thriller, detective
IMDb rating: 8.6 / 10
Number of seasons3
Number of episodes30
CountrySweden, Denmark, Germany
Episode duration~ 57 min

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Murder on the Bridge combines the best investigators in Denmark and Sweden. The corpse of a woman located at the border States, so the two governments decide to join forces. This, at first glance, an ordinary crime leads detectives Saga Norén and Martin Rohde on the chain of murders last year. Terrorist mask personal goals revenge social justice. His work, he planned carefully so that the representatives of the law seriously puzzled by his capture.
The series went on television screens in three seasons, so in the second part of the detectives Noren and Rode back in the case and face a new challenge even greater. Terrorists rammed ship direct support to the Bridge, spread throughout the pulmonary plague and jeopardize koppengagenskogo summit. Dragged into the affair are politicians, officials, businessmen. Investigators have a hard time, because everything else they experience personal tragedies.

In the final part of the saga will work in tandem with a new partner Henrik Szabó. Detective Martin is not inferior to his foresight, so the new duo is also liked by the audience. They will be charged with investigating murders and abductions are not the last people in both countries. The number of victims would be and the police chief, where he worked Saga Norén. In fact there is practically no evidence except for the fact that all murders are reflected in the paintings from the collection of the Danish millionaire. Does eerie installation related to real crimes, or is it coincidence?

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