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The Walking Dead

2008 - ...
drama, horror, thriller
IMDb rating: 8.6 / 10
Number of seasons7
Number of episodes85
Episode duration~ 43 min

«The Walking Dead» – Season 6 Episode 11 watch online

Episode Title: «Knots Untie»
Episode Released: 28.02.2016
Season number: 6
Episode number: 11
Episode Description:
Beware, spoilers! To read - hover over the text.
Jesus proved to come from Hilltop settlements about which he told Rick. Residents of Hilltop made a deal with the "Saviors" - they give them a portion of food, drugs, and those, in return, don't attack them. Rick decides to go there because the food at the end. Along the way they rescue some friends of Jesus, but it did not help them to gain trust, because people have returned from the Hegang tasked to kill the leader of the settlement of Gregory. Rick does not allow them to do it, but Maggie makes a deal with Gregory, in which laid - supplies half of the Hilltop in exchange for getting rid of Hegang and "Saviors". At the same time, Abraham doubts about feelings for Sasha and Rosita.
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